• | Mackenzie Kay

    The Anthology Series: trussedfun'd

    LA-based designers Effie and Aleia knew each other for 10 years before creating their collaborative jewelry business, trussedfun'd. Their first jewelry collection launched in 2015 and they haven't looked back! We chatted with Aleia to learn a bit more about their business, background and what th... View Post
  • | Mackenzie Kay

    The Anthology Series: Vicki Rivard

    Vicki Rivard wears many hats including author, healer, mother and wife to name a few. We know her best for her honest and beautiful words in her book, brave new mama. She and her family currently reside in Callander, Canada where she writes and runs her healing practice, Mahina Medicine.  Yo... View Post
  • | Mackenzie Kay

    City Guide: New Orleans

    With the much anticipated Jazz Festival starting this weekend, New Orleans is buzzing with energy in every corner. As a New Orleans-based company, we know this city inside and out which is why we thought it to be the perfect opportunity to put together our first city guide. Keep reading to learn ... View Post
  • | Mackenzie Kay

    The Anthology Series: Melula

    With us since the beginning, Louise Møllermark and Søren Hougesen, founded children's shoewear brand Melula with the mission to combine colors and shapes with the simplicity of Scandinavian design. We chatted with co-founder, Louise to learn more about the inspiration behind the brand, their visi... View Post
  • | Grace Allen

    How To Have a Happy Day

    Lifestyle blogger and mother Grace Allen shares her wisdom of balancing the craziness of life with simple, yet impactful habits to have a happy day- everyday. View Post
  • | Jasmine Respess

    The Anthology Series: Dumyé

    Dumyé dolls is a company that teaches by example. Founder Sahar Wahbeh uses creativity, environmentally sound and emphatic practices to do good and set an example for her daughter.  “[Dumye] is a living lesson for my daughter,” Wahbeh says. “It was an opportunity to put everything that I care abo... View Post