Welcome to our village. Here you will find a creative expression of 
my passion for finding beautiful things that make people smile. 
I came up with the idea for The Village Anthology while in recovery from
a traumatic brain injury. It was initially frustrating that I physically looked
the same but inside I clearly wasn't. The disarray of emotions and
thoughts in my mind were so difficult to manage during my recovery
as I tried to keep going and looking like my usual self.

And so, I set out on a quest to consciously surround myself
with beautiful things that made me smile, and made other people stop
and ask questions. Suddenly, I was having friendly conversations with total
 strangers, and my confidence began to build again.
My plan was working – and the goodness was spreading!

I hope you find something here that brings you a warm feeling of positivity, and I
 hope that joy radiates beyond you and your home
A portion of every purchase will go towards combating the stigma
surrounding mental health disorders, raising awareness,
and planting seeds for a more understanding future
via our amazing philanthropic partner, the Seleni Institute.
In addition to founding TVA, I have the honor of being
"mama" to my three sons: Luca, Severiano and Ravi.

We know it takes a village, so thank you for being part of ours.

Many blessings,