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The Snuggle Me will gently pull in against baby, giving the feeling of a hug to recreate the womb. This is a unique, patented center sling feature only found in the Snuggle Me. The Snuggle Me is not just a place to lay baby, but will physically pull in against baby's sides- the magic is in the slightly raised and unpadded center sling. Because of their protective patents, no other sleeper or lounger can give this sensory experience to your baby... all others fall short.

The Snuggle Me Wool offers the best of both worlds for customers made with GOTS certified organic fabrics and filled with virgin lamb's wool. This lounger uses hypoallergenic virgin lamb's wool that is free from flame retardants because it is naturally fire resistant. It is also a firmer fill than the medium firmness of the Snuggle Me Original and Snuggle Me Organic. Choose between the organic merino wool cover or the patterned organic cotton cover. 

Each Snuggle Me is 29" x 18" x 4".  The center sling is 20" x 8" and meant to fit baby's head and torso with their legs draped over the bottom end.  Designed for babies 0-6 months. 

Washing Instructions: 

Dry clean or spot clean loungers, do not put in washing machine.  

Organic cotton covers can be washed and dried on cool, gentle settings. 

Organic Merino wool cover must be hand-washed and dried.

Composting Instructions:

The Snuggle Me Wool is filled with virgin lamb's wool fill and is fully compostable.  To compost your Snuggle Me Wool, simply tear an opening in the lounger and spread the fill into your compost bin.  The fabrics can then be recycled at any facility that accepts textiles.


Dreamed, designed, patented, and made in the USA. Ten years ago, the first Snuggle Me™ was made at a kitchen table on a used sewing machine with fabrics from the local sewing store. We were equipped only with a vision and crazy determination. Staying true to our beginning, we continue to employ local, Minnesota sewers to craft each and every Snuggle Me™ with care. 


The Story: 

It used to be that mamas were surrounded by wise, experienced mothers after the birth of their baby. There would be a line of aunts and grandmas and cousins eagerly waiting to hold baby if a new mama needed a rest, take a break, or just go to the bathroom. Our culture has shifted significantly and sadly, this is no longer the world of the new mama. 

The Snuggle Me™ was created out of the very void that today's new mamas experience in postpartum support. The creator of the Snuggle Me (Mia Carr) desperately needed a way to juggle the demands of her new twin babies and toddler while home alone. Out of that difficulty, Mia and her mother-in-law designed a brand new concept: a cushion that would give baby the feelings of being help when placed inside. 

Being deeply passionate about attachment parenting, Mia understood the importance of bonding and the needs babies had for close, physical contact to their mama. She also understood that she was slowly losing her mind with the constant juggling of children's needs and doing so along the majority of the day. 

The Snuggle Me™ in no way replaces a mother's touch and is not a replacement for human support; however, having a portable place that gives baby the feelings of confinement that mamas know they need, can ease the stress and fears mamas can have while experiencing postpartum. 

This positive support to a new mama is exactly why so many natural birth professionals suggest the use of the Snuggle Me during that 4th trimester.

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